Award Winning Supercar System 3d Printable E.v Supercar

Paolo Tiramani Creates The Supercar System 3d Printable E.v Supercar

Paolo Tiramani, the thinktank behind the awarded work 3D Printable E.V Supercar by Paolo Tiramani explicates, Supercar System is an automotive product that has been simplified, rationalized and re-constituted, to enable configurability and assembly b <Cropped>

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Table Lamp:point by Impress Design

Impress Design Designs The Point Table Lamp

Impress Design, the maker of the displayed project Table lamp by Impress Design demonstrates, The lamp is inspired by the geometric entity for excellence, the point, generally represented as a circle. The lamp is a pure geometric form, and as a symbo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Coexistence of New York City Jewelry

Eunnara Ko Shows The Coexistence of New York City Jewelry

Eunnara Ko, the thinktank behind the displayed work Jewelry:Coexistence of New York City by Eunnara Ko spells out, It is a pendant design for necklace. It depicts an aerial image of Manhattan, New York City representing the scene of coexistence of in <Cropped>

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Sleep Apnea Treatment by Somnics, Inc

Somnics, Inc. Shares The Inap Sleep Therapy System Sleep Apnea Treatment

Somnics, Inc., the creative mind behind the displayed design iNAP Sleep Therapy System by Somnics, Inc. explains, The iNAP is designed to provide a comfortable sleep experience for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) patients. During sleep, the iNAP syst <Cropped>

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Wash Basin by Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r

Giovanni Calisti-Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r Creates The Teorema 2.0 80 Wash Basin

Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r, the thinktank behind the awarded design Teorema 2.0 80 - Wash basin by Giovanni Calisti - Scarabeo Ceramiche S.r explains, Teorema 2.0 is a large-size wash basin with a slim core. The wide bowl offers an app <Cropped>

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Breaking Time-Spatial Design and Communication by Max Bessone

Max Bessone Demonstrates The Breaking Time Spatial Design and Communication

Max Bessone, the project leader of the highlighted design Breaking Time - Spatial design and communication by Max Bessone says, See the world through different eyes and explore what could be, as opposed to what it is. Starting from this concept, Ma <Cropped>

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Hustle Hub-Youth Housing Design Competition %u201819: Russia

With Most of The Young Population Working Today to Acquire Basic Security of Livelihood and Not Investing On Their Lives For The Long Term (depreciating Because of The ‘grind’) Due to Various Social Stigmas Associated With Not Owning a Home; Create Th

With most of the young population working today to acquire basic security of livelihood and not investing on their lives for the long term (depreciating because of the ‘grind’) due to various social stigmas associated with not owning a home; crea <Cropped>

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Productive Cooperative Union-Mixed Use Building by Sameh Farid

Sameh Farid Portrays The Productive Cooperative Union Mixed Use Building

Sameh Farid, the creative mind behind the awarded work Sameh Farid's Productive Cooperative Union Mixed use Building spells out, When the architect began to study the location and the Surrounding history, He found that The building is located c <Cropped>

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Award Winning Roma Collection Dexo Collection of Fixed and Extending Tables

Tonettidesign Shows The Roma Collection Dexo Collection of Fixed and Extending Tables

tonettidesign, the maker of the awarded design ROMA collection DEXO by tonettidesign explicates, The corner joint, in cast aluminum, gives the "go" to the legs and to the external frame and extension device. This typology allows the realiza <Cropped>

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Loft by Jingyi Cai

Jingyi Cai Illustrates The Grayscale Loft

Jingyi Cai, the creative mind behind the awarded work Loft by Jingyi Cai spells out, This design scheme through in-depth understanding between black and gray space and space balance, breaking the deconstruction of space plane, use simple materials to <Cropped>

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