Nissan Note by E-Graphics Communications

E-Graphics Communications Portrays The Nissan Note Brochure

E-graphics communications, the author of the highlighted project Nissan NOTE - Brochure by E-graphics communications points out, A new performance called e-POWER is added to Nissan NOTE. e-POWER means a new form of electronic vehicle. Generate elec <Cropped>

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Sweater/Vess Backpack Design by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/Vess Backpack Design

The author of the displayed project Award Winning Swack Fusion Pack Gen 2 Sweater/vess backpack design illustrates, Unique properties are, the fusion of the sweater backpack. The Gen 2 Swack Fusion pack has newer materials and uses the newest technol <Cropped>

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Large Floor Lamp by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Portrays The Blumen Lamp Large Floor Lamp

Arturo Fis, the maker of the award winning project Award Winning Blumen Lamp Large floor lamp explains, At over 2 meters (7 feet) tall, glowing in 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white, this colossal lamp is a design and technological wonder. Ea <Cropped>

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Magician by Xuehui Liu

Xuehui Liu Portrays The Magician Multifunctional Jewel

Xuehui Liu, the thinktank behind the award winning project Multifunctional Jewel by Xuehui Liu explicates, This brooch is suitable for both men and women. 95% of which are gold-plated, made of 18K gold. It is decorated with laboratory grown diamonds <Cropped>

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Marco Bozzola & Roman Radaelli's Relio Ultra-High Cri Usb Lamp

Marco Bozzola & Roman Radaelli Spotlights The Relio Ultra-High Cri Usb Lamp

Marco Bozzola & Roman Radaelli, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Marco Bozzola & Roman Radaelli's Relio Ultra-high CRI Usb Lamp explicates, Relio is the smallest and most powerful Usb light on the market, and the only one <Cropped>

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Lyon and Lyon's Twisting Spirits Gin Packaging

Lyon and Lyon Designs The Twisting Spirits Gin Packaging

Lyon and Lyon, the designer of the highlighted design Gin Packaging by Lyon and Lyon points out, Twisting Spirits are IT geeks turned gin geeks, inspired by their data-driven background Lyon & Lyon wanted to apply it to the often traditional worl <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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Bridgedna by Hung Yuan Chang

Hung Yuan Chang Portrays The Bridgedna Dining Chair, Table

Hung Yuan Chang, the designer of the highlighted work Award Winning BridgeDna Dining Chair, Table points out, The bridge DNA chair designed it based on people’s needs. cutting the back and the bottom of the seat surface into a cambered surface, and <Cropped>

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Skillful Use of Transparency by Danny Cheng

Danny Cheng Shares The Green Crest Skillful Use of Transparency

DANNY CHENG, the lead designer of the highlighted design skillful use of transparency by DANNY CHENG demonstrates, pure white greatly enhances the spaciousness and sense of transparency. Black, grey and blue are skillfully added to avoid dullness. Di <Cropped>

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Mykita Mylon, Basky-spectacles by Mykita

Mykita Reveals The Mykita Mylon, Basky Spectacles

MYKITA , the designer of the highlighted project Spectacles by MYKITA says, The MYKITA MYLON collection is made of a lightweight polyamide material featuring outstanding individual adjustability. This special material is created layer by layer thanks <Cropped>

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